Thursday, October 27, 2011

the ice rink set

here is my ice rink set which i'm working on.

ice rink still covered up with tan paper here

my set isn't this dark, and you hope you can see the plexi glass that i'm using for my ice rink here.

my set with the light set up for this shot

this is a short shot i did last week when we had two earthquakes in sf and reworked it again this week. it's only 1 second long so don't blink :) i was working with the flying rig back there that you can see but it got stuck so i went ahead and used the surface gauge.

Friday, October 14, 2011

the locker room set

i have two sets for my thesis film, an ice rink were the majority of the animation takes place and a smaller set, the locker room.

my friend mei mei, who does stop motion animation and also works on making props and sets has been coming in to work and help me with this set. she's great, watch her work and you'll see.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my messy workspace

it's been awhile since i've posted anything. here is a quickie, my peeps. i'm currently going over one of my shot breakdowns and working on a x-sheet for one of my scenes that i'll be animating. yes, that's right i'm finally going to be working on the animation of my film. as you can see in the picture with all my stuff, my puppet is standing next to her replacement heads :)

my messy workspace

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


these are the hands that i made for my puppet. i made 5 sets of hands and they are made out of thin armature wire. also used the brass kns tube which i cut and to glue the hands in i used 2 part epoxy. 

hands out of wire

once they were done i used gauze that i had cut in small pieces and used barge cement to glue it on the wire hands.

hands with gauze

my messy workspace with supplies, and layout of my puppet 

to get the color i wanted i used acrylic paints, and then added some rubber r mold liquid latex in a small glass container, and then added water/ammonia into the mix.

here is the first hand to be dipped

making sure to rotate hand in liquid latex

hand covered well in liquid latex

using wooden stick to take some of the liquid latex off

first coat of liquid latex

i had to let them dry in between coats so i could add more and they could become fuller in thickness. all the hands were lightly brushed with some corn starch so the fingers won't stick together.

stands i made out of paper clips

hey you my peep, peace

out of the 5 sets of hands that i did only 3 sets came out right that i like to use and here they are.

hands done

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Character Designs

here are a few different character designs for my main character in my thesis film. she is a figure skater. i have been asked what her name is but she is still currently untitled.

the first drawing that i did here is the final design for my puppet.

this is the Final Design

Armature layout over drawing on vellum paper

this is a drawing i did when i was trying to figure out what the look of my character would be. inspired by michelle kwan. i have this one up in my workspace but here she is in color.

i drew this with a blue animation pencil

i like how i drew this one, almost forgot to add her. she looks confident and relaxed to me. 

i drew it on animation paper and used a red animation pencil

 this drawing i did was in the style of claire wendling, totally different look on a skater...

i drew it on animation paper with a red animation pencil

this skater i drew here, came out stiff... not to happy either.

i drew it on animation paper and used a red animation pencil

hope you enjoy my peeps.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

replacement heads

so, i've been working on my puppet's replacement heads. i'm making them out of super sculpey and using some sculpting tools. sculpting isn't easy...

first i drew out the three facial expressions with a side profile using a red animation pencil.

neutral expression

sad/disappointed expression

happy expression

feedback is appreciated my peeps. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

first post

hi there my peeps. this is my first post and i'll be posting up what i'm working on. here is my work table with some different things that i've been doing and look is that an actual peep in there? what's on the wall are drawings of my character, armature, logo, and the apple poster which makes me think of the olympics.